Egg donation/Fertility Treatment

Dashin Reproductive Center

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No. 449, Dajin St., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL: +886-4-2320-6969


We recommend using Taiwan high speed railway(HSR), which requires less travel time. All HSR stop at HSR Taichung Station. Our hospital is located in the center of Taichung City, so its easy to access to. A taxi in Taiwan is relatively cheap and is about 1/3 of that of America. A taxi of about 20 minutes cost about 30 USD.

Access from Taoyuan International airport

High speed railway (HSR)

If you are taking the MRT from Taoyuan International Airport, please take the direction for 環北站 and get off at HSR Taoyuan station and change to HSR

【Time】about 1.5 hour 

【Expense】about 700~800 NTD per person

Express BUS

Take an express bus bound for Taichung Station at the airport and take a taxi from Taichung Station to Dashin in about 15 minutes.

Step 1) Express bus : Taoyuan International Airport > Taichung bus station

Step 2) Taxi : Taichung bus station > Dashin

【Time】about 2 hour 

【Expense】about 400 NTD per person

Access from Taipei station

High speed railway (HSR)

Step 1) HSR : Taipei Station > Taichung HSR station

Step 2) Taxi : Taichung HSR station > Dashin

【Time】about 1 hour 

【Expense】about 700 NTD per person


Step 1) Train : Taipei Station > Taichung train station

Step 2) Taxi : Taichung train station > Dashin

【Time】about 2 hour 

【Expense】about 500 NTD per person

High speed railway

Taichung Train Station

HSR Taichung station

Taichung Bus Station

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