Egg donation/Fertility Treatment

Dashin Reproductive Center

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No. 449, Dajin St., Nantun Dist., Taichung City 408, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

TEL: +886-4-2320-6969


Age 41

Sterility 4 years

I run a company so get married late. 

when i realized i should make a family, it was too late.

In vitro fertilization continued to fail as ovarian function declined. I was able to get a baby and get pregnant and give birth.

Age 46

Sterility > 5 years

I tried in vitro fertilization + PGS, but no embryos grew normally. Because it was difficult to conceive by myself, I decided to receive an egg and was able to get pregnant safely.

Age 43

Sterility 3 years

After undergoing laparoscopic surgery for a chocolate cyst, the number of eggs decreased due to ovarian dysfunction. I experienced in-vitro fertilization several times in another hospital, but all failed and I decided to receive an egg donation in Dashin. I became pregnant and gave birth safely.

Age 36

Sterility 4 years

I had an in vitro fertilization+PGS with my own egg at another hospital, but it failed. The possibility of pregnancy with my own egg was low, so i choose to receive egg donation.

I'm glad to get pregnant by receiving an egg donation in Dashin.

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